ASTER image of the Summer Coon Volcano

An image of Summer Coon volcano area taken with the ASTER instrument on the NASA Terra satellite. The image was acquired at 11:03 MST on April 4, 2002 and has 15 meter resolution for this nadir view. The color assignment is: 0.52-0.60 um (green) is in the blue channel, 0.63-0.69 um (red) is in the green channel, and 0.76-0.86 um (near infrared) is in the red channel. Since vegetation is highly reflective in the near infrared, vegetation appears reddish. Since the image was taken before the growing season (and in a drought year), the irrigation circles do not appear red.

The bottom of the image is just north of Del Norte, while La Garita Creek runs west to east along the top of the image. Twin Mountain is on the left side (center) of the image, and the Rio Grande canal runs diagonally across the lower-right portion of the image. The central intrusive complex of the volcano core appears as the light colored area in the center of the image. The large silicic dikes radiating from the volcano center can be seen clearly in the image. The Natural Arch is in the dike north-northeast of the central intrusive complex.